Great Gobs of Goose Grease!

Ever heard that phrase? It is one of many memorable sayings that have sprung from the lips of my wonderful grandma, Marcia. Whenever she uses this phrase, it is usually said in response to some wild tale or shocking piece of news she’s just been told, and she says it in a low voice, almost under her breath. It is basically an more colorful way of saying, “Holy Crap!” and thinking of it always brings a smile to my face. 

So, in the spirit of fall, harvest, thanksgiving and family, I thought this would make for a fun illustration. I happen to have geese on my farm. In fact, they are the only founding members that are still with me 9 years into this journey. Here’s a little backstory that I recently shared on my social media page:

What animals have been on my farm since day 1? (March of 2012!) The geese!

They are our alarm system. They are the town criers, the catalyst for our morning ruckus. Once they they get riled up, the rest of the animals join in the chorus. 

They are loud, obnoxious, mean, clumsy (on land), hate to be touched, look for every opportunity to bite you and startle easily. What a way to start a homestead, right? My original thought was to raise them as flock guardians for our chickens. I didn’t realize that they had a 30 year lifespan. 

But here we are, and even though they are cranky, I love them. They love to play in the rain and pools of water. The snakelike movements of their necks are both freaky and mesmerizing. And when they stretch back and spread their wings, they take my breath away with their majestic beauty. “

So, we’ve been together almost a decade, and I can think of many stories to go along with this gaggle.. My geese never look endearingly at me, there is always suspicion in their eyes – something that was amusing to add into this piece. I’m sure you will see these farm residents pop up again in future work. 

This artwork is available as a greeting card, waterproof sticker and print in our online shop.

Keywords to spark goose stories for future Verena: Goose whisperer, Fox attack, Tiered garden beds, Laser beams, Duck antics + snapping turtles, Thanksgiving gosling, Smack talk.

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